Jose Rodriguez, AKA "super gallo" (little rooster) gets D Q'd for hitting too hard, but goes on to win with ease in the continuous sparring match with hard liver shots and hooks to the head. 

Gabriel Laureano, AKA Fai Jai (fat boy), wins 1st place using his Muay Thai and only 2 weeks of jujitsu. 1st match chokes out a brown belt, 2nd match mounts and controls the ground against a yellow belt. 3rd match man handles his final opponent with hard liver shots. Everyone bows down to him in the continuous sparring. 

Phoenix, Arizona 2007 INTERNATIONAL WING CHUN MARTIAL ART ASSOC. Debut seminar by Sigung Sam Chan and assisted by Sifu Rey Garcia, Si Hing Mark Roennmann, Si Hing Jason Brenne and Si Hing J.D. Cadeaus

L to R Mark Roennmann, Sifu Rey Garcia, Sigung Sam Chan, Sifu Rick Fry, J.D. Caseaus, Jason Brenne


Group Guan Sau

Seminar group class 2007