Muay Thai (Thai Kick Boxing) is the national sport of Thailand. Established over four centuries ago, Muay Thai was once used in the military. In the 1920's, Thailand introduced western boxing rules for safety and competitive scoring. Muay Thai is known for its strong kicks and knee strikes as well as elbow strikes and boxing techniques. In the ring, it is known as the "king of the ring" and outside of the ring, it's very effective for self defense.

In addition, we have an ages 8yrs and up program


We will teach you proper stance, foot work and balance.
Jab -- How to use it on offense and defense.
R-hand -- Throw it with power and speed.
Counter fighting -- How to hit and not get hit.
Combinations -- Putting punches in bunches.


Advanced training consists of one-on-one pad work with students. We will teach you advanced techniques and how to use those combinations to their fullest extent! You will also learn how to defend against those same techniques and gain a greater understanding of ring strategy. More emphasis will be put on physical conditioning and fitness. Your instructors will introduce you to grappling techniques and elbows. You will also be allowed to participate in both boxing and Muay Thai sparring. 

Thai Pad Training

‚ÄčAt Rey's Wing Chun/Muay Thai Academy, we aim to accommodate students at all levels. Whether you are a beginner, out to learn self-defense, wanting to get in shape, or a competitive athlete tuning up for your next fight, we have training programs to develop your individual needs. Our team of trainers will take the beginner through the basics of Muay Thai. Utilizing non-contact drills, you will be instructed on the basics of boxing guard, footwork, punches, knees, and kicks. As you advance, you will develop a solid base of Muay Thai fundamentals, as well as a conditioned body. Building from your Muay Thai base, you will progress to more advanced instruction.

Fitness Muay Thai

We have 4 programs at Team Rey's:

This class will allow you to participate in both contact boxing and Muay Thai sparring. It is supervised by our instructors and requires that you have reached 3 - 6 months of experience in either boxing or Muay Thai.
Other requirements include, passing a current physical examination, in order to obtain an approved California Athletic Amateur licence.
Ask our trainers or front desk staff for details.